City of Paris | Elise ECM to improve mail management

The City of Paris wanted to implement a management solution common to all its sites (city halls, ministries...) to better manage information flows and thereby provide a better and faster answer to its citizens.
Discover how
Elise ECM, a solution developed by NeoLedge, has been selected as the new mail management tool for the city.

Harmonise mail management

The City of Paris faces complex structural organization and circulation of information.
Administrations needed to have a better access to information, so that they could improve their answers to users.

The choice of Elise

Elise was an answer to digitization and traceability needs. It automates time-consuming processes and enables the city agents to optimize flows of mail and communication.

Learn more about how Elise helps the City of Paris to improve its mail management by downloading the whole case study!

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The City of Paris

Paris is a city of 2 millions inhabitants. With more than 135,000 circulating mails across the city services in 2016, the management of information flows is a key stake for the French capital.

The City wanted to use a unique electronic management solution deployed accross the 27 administrations and city halls, with a long-term goal to implement it in all 40 city sites. This solution would also be implemented to improve relationship with the citizens.

Elise ECM to improve its mail management at the City of Paris


Homogenize tools and processes when transmitting content
Improve Citizens Relationship Management (CRM)


A complex entity in terms of structural organization and circulation of information
A real change for agents regarding work methods


27 city sites equipped
Restructuration of management processes accross the services
Processing times have been shortened
Mails are better managed along their lifecycle
Agents save time and energy

“Elise is a highly configurable tool, which adapts to very complex situations.”

Project Manager of the City of Paris

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